Caregiver Support

Supporting the Caregiver

Our mission is to support the Foster, Adoptive, & Relative Families in our community. All caregivers of foster and adopted children will be empowered through support and education. SAFFT will ensure that resources and support are accessible to those providing foster care or those who are caring for adopted children. We accomplish this through our programming that enables caregivers to connect which fosters mentoring and relationship building.

Partnership Parenting

We have designed an environment within the Family Life Center that allows for the Caregivers and the birth parents to connect and communicate which is a crucial step in the process for the direct benefit of the child. By Caregivers engaging in this type of relationship, the birth parent will be motivated and more likely to thrive, thus moving forward in reunification with their children.

Critical Resources & Ongoing Support

SAFFT provides a number of options that provide direct support to our Caregivers:

  • We maintain our “Child Resource Closet”, sponsored by “The Cleveland Family”, that provides critical supplies children in care need when they enter into foster care. This resource is also available adopted children for the life of the child.
  • Scholarships are accessible for foster and adopted children to enroll in educational, extracurricular, and any other special requests.
  • Nutritious, ready-to-go meals are provided for Foster and Relative Caregivers when a child is placed into their home.
  • “Parent-Night-Out” events and support meetings are offered on an ongoing basis to provide additional support to our caregivers.
  • Respite Reimbursement for foster families to have access to daycare.

To access the Child Resource Closet: We are available to meet you at the closet when needed and can potentially deliver to your home, if available.

Parents Night Out:

Parents Night Out

We meet monthly and give you a break so you can focus on…YOU! For more information check out the events page or to directly sign up, email

Adoption Support

We believe that the adopted community is one of the most important parts of our community. Many times parents find out the hard way that the real challenges begin after an adoption is finalized. Please consider joining us at one of our upcoming support group meetings. Please know that all resources available to foster parents are also available to adopted families!

Scott & Jessica Torres

For More Information:

 Jessica Torres: (678) 205-7016 | Scott Torres: (678) 205-7033
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