A Gift
SAFFT highlights our gift of 90 extra days to foster children by helping families in crisis rebuild their life, learn critical parenting skills, and support the temporary caregivers who care for the vulnerable children.

The children from families in crisis who are served by SAFFT spend an average of 90 fewer days in foster care.

We are changing the story of brokenness for this generation and the generations to come. SAFFT provides the right people, the right services, and a safe and beautiful space for families in crisis. The result?

  • Vulnerable children spend 90 fewer days in foster care.
  • Families grow healthy and reunite 90 days sooner.
  • Our community spends 90 fewer days of sharing the burden of supporting our families in crisis.

We want to give this gift of 90 extra days to 60 new families and 150 children. Will you help us reach our goal?