This Holiday, Give the Gift of Hope to a Foster Child

Give Hope Today

WHAT ARE WE TRYING TO DO? SAFFT’s highest priority is to protect and save kids from abuse and neglect. The core of our Success Model is centered around supporting and healing these children with the longterm goal of breaking the generational cycle of abuse and neglectNot only are we trying to build healthier, stronger, and safer environments for these children to live in but our hope is that these children grow up to provide loving environments for their families and never again need our services.

In order to start the path to overall healing, we believe in looking at each moving part – the child or children involved, the birth family, and the caregivers involved (foster or adoptive). We aim to heal each family piece by piece, with the ultimate goal being reunification. We understand that children in foster care are not looking for a new family, but their own family to be healthier and more stable. Over the years, we have continued to add services and programs that support and heal these broken families while in this transition.

HOW CAN YOU MAKE AN IMPACT? By making an end-of-year donation to SAFFT. By making a one-time or recurring donation, you are doing so much more than just impacting a child’s current situation. You are changing the course of their future. You are helping to ensure that broken children don’t grow up to become broken adults. You are breaking the cycle of abuse and neglect and changing family trees for generations to come. For anyone that says they can’t make a difference, we beg to differ. Every bit counts, and together, we can continue our mission of helping more and more children because they are worth it. Whatever you are able to give, we are thankful. 

Go here online to donate.