It Takes a Village

All Hands In

Here at SAFFT, we know that it takes a village to raise children. We have an “All Hands In” approach to make sure that caregivers are provided with support as they take care of the children in their homes. This program is designed for foster parents, adoptive parents, and relative caregivers.

Step 1: Get the details

Placement Disruption Prevention

Children who have been removed from their homes have experienced trauma that is often communicated through their behaviors. Despite caregivers’ competence in caring for children without trauma, sometimes they feel ill-equipped to respond to the behaviors that the children placed in their care exhibit. We provide in-home clinical interventions, one-on-one support, and group support with child care (that counts towards their required continuing education for DFCS caregivers). Through this program, we hope to keep more children in their placements.

We incorporate TBRI® (Trust Based Relational Intervention) into our work to help our parents connect with, empower, and correct their children. TBRI is based in attachment and works to help parents connect with their children through empathetic listening and engagement. We offer group classes monthly to also help caregivers establish a support network with fellow caregivers experiencing the same challenges.

Another really cool thing about this program is that it allows foster/adoptive parents to get all of your required continuing education hours for DFCS!

Me time

Me Time

Each quarter, we offer a Parents Day or Night Out in which caregivers can drop all of their children off for a specified span of time with our DFCS approved staff. We provide food, games, and other entertainment to keep the children engaged while caregivers enjoy some time to themselves.

Resource Closet

Resource Closet

In partnership with Send Relief, we provide new clothing and toiletries for children. These come in duffel bags that have already been prepared by age, gender, and size for caregivers to grab in less than five minutes. We also provide new toys, games, and school supplies for children.

Another cool way to show your support

is by joining us in our #breakthecycle efforts to stop the generational cycle of child abuse and neglect! You may do so by purchasing a t-shirt here. At SAFFT, our highest priority is to protect and save neglected and abused children.

That is why we offer numerous programs and services that help facilitate healing within families recovering from the trauma of abuse. By purchasing a shirt, a portion of the profits come directly back to SAFFT and will allow us to serve more families.