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THE ONLY WAY is a 10 month certified off campus program for those who struggle with life’s destructive behaviors such as: family dysfunction, co-dependency, physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, drug and alcohol addiction, anger, and sexual addition.

THE ONLY WAY helps clients break the generational cycles that have caused continuous failures and setbacks in their life. Our program is designed to support individuals through multiple phases that lead to a healthy and stable life style.

THE ONLY WAY address all types of character defects, family dysfunction, abuse and addictions.

  • THE ONLY WAY is forward-looking.
  • THE ONLY WAY teaches how to make healthy life choices on a daily basis.
  • THE ONLY WAY emphasizes personal responsibility.
  • THE ONLY WAY emphasizes spiritual commitment.

What we do:

  • Set long term goals and provide accountability
  • Weekly 1 hour coaching meeting
  • Monthly Progress Reports