Caregiver Support Program

Supporting the Caregiver through Partnership Parenting

Part of SAFFT’S mission is to support and empower foster and adoptive parents. It takes someone special to be a caregiver and we believe that these individuals deserve to have the necessary education, support, and resources available to them to make their transition easier. That is why we strive to offer numerous program options for caregivers on their journey, so they are not alone.

Caregivers are encouraged to take advantage of what is offered through our Caregiver Support Program. That includes utilizing our facilities, such as our Family Life Center in Forsyth County, as a safe middle-ground environment that allows caregivers and birth parents to connect.

As part of our Success Model, we know that the true path to overall family healing is to support the child, the birth family, and the caregivers involved. And supporting, mentoring, and relationship-building among caregivers is a crucial part of that model. In order for the child or children to thrive, we first have to help build a healthy foundation with the caregivers by knowing that they are knowledgeable and equipped with all the necessary resources and support.

Available programs, resources, and support options are listed below… 

Resource Closet – This valuable community resource, sponsored by the Cleveland Family, has served our foster and adoptive parents and caregivers since 2009. We have, however, made some important changes to better serve our community. As of February 1, 2018, we no longer accept USED clothing items. This change is to help ensure we have the best items available for children in foster care. A FULL LIST OF ITEMS THAT WE ACCEPT AS DONATIONS IS BELOW. Donations may be dropped off during business hours (via the front door) to either location in Forsyth or Hall.

NOTE TO CAREGIVERS: Ready-to-go bags are available for children who have just entered foster care. Each bag contains the following: three new outfits, socks, underwear, diapers/wipes (if age appropriate), and a Bible. Bags may be picked up during business hours (via the front door) from either location in Forsyth or Hall.

To be accepted, tags must be on clothing items.
Donations may be dropped off
via the front door in Forsyth or Hall.

FOR OUR FOSTER CHILDREN. For more info on Send Relief, go online here.

Parents’ Night Out  – This recurring event is offered to caregivers to give them an evening break. These are held on Saturdays between 4:30pm – 7:30pm and led by several of our other long-term volunteers.  All lead volunteers and chaperones have undergone a background check.

As dates and locations are set, they will be listed on our Events page and posted on our Facebook page.

If you are interested in being a volunteer, please email


 P.L.A.Y. Scholarships  – We continue to offer scholarships to foster and adoptive children for sports activities, extracurricular programs, and special needs items and activities.

Many of you have utilized this program in the past and we encourage you to continue sending in your requests! Submit your scholarship requests by emailing We will email you a scholarship form and reimburse you for any approved expenses within 30 days.

Adoption Support -We believe that the adopted community is one of the most important parts of our community. Many times parents find out the hard way that the real challenges begin after an adoption is finalized. Please consider joining us at one of our upcoming support group meetings. Please know that all resources available to foster parents are also available to adopted families!

As dates are set, they will be listed on our Events page and posted on our Facebook page. 


Coming Soon! – We will soon be announcing a NEW COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP. We believe the best way to move forward with the Caregiver Program is to partner and expand our level of support among all foster parents in the all areas that we serve. We have found a community partner that is excited and equipped to provide the necessary volunteers and staff to help us continue operating our Resource Closet in Forsyth while also helping us expand into Hall County and other areas in the near future. MORE DETAILS TO COME VERY SOON!



For More Information:

Email: or call our Forsyth office at 770-866-9506


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